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During years of development, whole new cabinet is always heading in innovation and craftsmanship of the industry. As a cabinet manufacturing company, whole new cabinet successively obtains partnerships with many domestic as well as international materials and hardware manufacturers. Through putting in extreme effort in importing the best equipments, selecting the highest quality of material combination, and practicing the most advanced manufacture craftsmanship, the characteristics of company’s philosophy are imprinted deeply on every pieces of product manufactured.

In this way of insisting to use only the exquisite craftsmanship, innovative and environmental friendly approaches, Whole New Cabinet promises to provide for the customers only products with remarkable quality and trustworthy liability.

Professional, Produce High-Quality Products
Each Manufacturing procedure of Whole New Cabinet strictly follows the requirement of craftsmanship and standard of cabinetry, managed by skillful and experienced workers. Parts are being manufactured with the most advanced machinery to form the perfect shape and designed function. Throughout the style collections of whole new cabinet, from sophisticated classical to modern simplistic, the natural wood grain would be outlined and re-emphasized by the company ‘s overall minimalist philosophy in manufacture and design.

Products of Whole New Cabinet manufacture Company are totally environmental friendly through out the stage of production and material selecting. Lumber only comes from the unpolluted area, and the process of the production is strictly regulated and controlled by the standard of international environmental protection.

Canadian Maple/Cheery USA Combination
Canadian Maple is in white color before processing. Surfaces of each individual within the same specie are similar; all are looking smooth and clean. The grain of Canadian maple is clear, light color and good stability. Its natural and simple style makes your life easy and vivid, in serenity at the same inspiring. These qualities of Canadian maple have been widely acknowledged nowadays and praised around the world.

As if smelling the fragrant of wine in lambent country music, this series of exquisitely made Canadian maple cabinets emphasizing naturalism through reintroducing color, light and quality to the kitchen, together with the humane and ergonomic design.

Flexibility, variety, and humanity. The products of Whole New Cabinet are always above your imagination, inspiring the next level of convenient kitchen. The tall cabinet body could always incorporate, mix and match with others, as well as the broadened marble counter top extending the storage space. With the flower decorated glass doors, together it refracts the refinement and happiness of life.

The relaxing and joyful color of Canadian maple seemingly disperses fresh fragrance of the wood, deriving a gentle sense of wood quality and elegant natural wood grain, embellishing the spacious and efficient storage compartments. Together, it makes your life enjoy and full of ease. The simplicity of the design emphasizing on bringing the sense of the nature back to the house through exquisite lines and details, flashing the luster and inspiration of the American Countryside.

American Cheery, USA
This series of composite cabinet, elaborately made of original American cherry wood, perfectly reveals the master craftsmanship of American solid wood cabinetry through its sedate color, considerate structure construction, and its over-all user-friendly design. It is presenting the classic quality of living, as well as bringing life with sense of natural and grand beauty.
The timber is assured precluding from damping and deformation through series of professional processes, including water immersion, direct-sunlight exposure, color mixing and coating, and so on. Plus the broadened cabinet body, and the quality of nature and elegant, the products of the Whole New Cabinet become enormously popular among villa residence.
The products of Whole New Cabinet always reveal the quality of classic, and bring kitchen live sense of nature and grand beauty. This series of composite cabinet, elaborately made of original American cherry wood, perfectly reveals the master craftsmanship of American solid wood cabinetry through its sedate color, considerate structure construction, and its over-all user-friendly design. The aesthetic quality of timber is perfectly highlighted on this series of cabinet. It is made of precious American cherry wood, which has such elegant clear natural look of grains. Together with its concise and refine door design, the hidden merit of simplicity is beautifully revealed within its noble style.
This natural and delicate look of wine cabinet is derived from its high quality American hard cherry material, which is strong, stable, damp proofing, and anti-deformation. It’s also a very good thermo insulating material so that as a wine cabinet it is very energy-efficient for wine storage.

The fragrance of timber, refreshing and elegant, would be naturally left on clothes, as one who is just returning from the nature. The spacious high cabinet body could be composed in anyway at one’s desire and demand for storing and organizing clothes and garments.
Red Maple USA
The color of the American red maple reveals sense of preciousness and nobility in kitchen cabinet. The grand and simple design highlights luxury and nature with classical and dignified touch as well as decorous and gentle craftsmanship of American solid wood cabinetry. Sink, faucet and other metallic component together with marble counter top are all made with superior material and exquisite craftsmanship.

The handmade timber corner line is like the last stroke of art adding onto the kitchen, retouching the design as icing on the cake. Whole New cabinet provides series of delicate corner lines that will help to decorate the already beautiful kitchen to the next level of aesthetism.

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